2011 Princess, Ceniyah Dotson

Ceniyah in intensive care, recovering from her brutal attack

Our very special little girl this year is a native Memphian, Ceniyah Dotson.  Ceniyah was just a few months old when she was seriously wounded at the scene of a brutally violent crime in Memphis, in March of 2008.  The baby girl is now a three year old little lady. She loves to wear ruffles and clomp around the house in her grandmother’s high heels. Definitely a Tiara Tea lady! Our esteemed keynote speaker is Tennessee Supreme Court Justice, Janice Holder. The Honorable Mayor Wharton will crown Ceniyah personally. This event is a new and healing start for Ceniyah Dotson, her family and we hope, for the City of Memphis. We will be celebrating this amazing little survivor and raising funds for possible psychological therapy and rehab for a deeply scarred leg. Please join us in this beautiful and positive occasion and help us sponsor this child. As always, we thank you for continuing to celebrate the gifts of phenomenal women through your support!

Continued blessings,

-Eva Lynn Bishop

President & CEO of TTS

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